macOS Architecture and Support

Mac computers are getting more and more popular everywhere we look – among the business crowd, in schools, and at home. It is quite common, however, that the users cannot really play on the platform's strengths. They know it only organically – learning macOS Sonoma capabilities as they go and try to do everyday tasks. This training has been designed to change that and prepare attendees to solve any problems that may arise. At the same time, while presenting the technical aspects, the course focuses on the larger picture, describing how and why things have been designed in a given way. This is the kind of expertise that is really lacking and not being offered by other courses available on the market.


  • Becoming familiar with macOS built-in set of tools
  • Understanding macOS security and privacy architecture
  • Internalizing not only procedures and key combinations (shortcuts) but also understanding macOS design principles and things work the way they do
  • Recognizing newly-introduced features and the way they fit into the general macOS design, and supplement other technologies


  • IT professionals
  • Technicians
  • Help desk specialists
  • Advanced users
  • Mac aficionados


  • None

Course outline

macOS Basics

  • User Interface Intro
  • OS Startup
  • Security
  • Service Modes


  • Upgrade, Update and Reinstall Procedures
  • Configuration
  • Command Line Basics
  • macOS Recovery

Managing User Data

  • User Accounts
  • Manual Data Migration
  • Security and Privacy
  • Keychain


  • File Systems
  • Data Encryption
  • Permissions and Sharing
  • File Metadata and Other Resources

Data Management

  • Managing System Resources
  • Time Machine

Apps and processes

  • Installing Apps
  • Working with Documents
  • Troubleshooting Apps


  • Configuring the Connection
  • Diagnosing Problems
  • AirDrop and AirPlay
  • Sharing


  • Printers, Scanners and Other Peripherals
  • System Startup and Drivers


  • 35000 Kč (vč. DPH)

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