FileMaker 18


FileMaker 18 has been launched! It comes with lots of improvements that we are sure will be very beneficial to all Workplace Innovation Platform users. Please visit FileMaker website for more info.

Digital signage and dashboards: Apple TV powered by FileMaker solutions


We are pleased to announce that k7 will be participating in FileMaker DevCon in Istanbul. We will be delivering a session focused on combining FileMaker platform with Apple TV to create a flexible digital signage and dashboarding solution. We hope to see you there!

MacGadka Training: Mac Automation Fundamentals


In a bit over a week Miłosz will be delivering another edition of MacGadka Training course called Mac Automation Fundamentals. If you want to learn more about Apple Events, AppleScript, Automator and related topics, please click here to register. For more information, visit MacGadka's website.

Streamline Your Business with FileMaker!


Whenever you need to streamline business processes, put your data to better use, integrate with custom hardware and IoT devices or just find a proven technology that will support your business as it grows – FileMaker and its Workplace Innovation Platform provide the right answer.

k7 and Compendium CE invite to the free of charge workshops presenting the FileMaker® platform. Participants will learn how to quickly make a custom app that can be deployed on iPhone, iPad, Mac, a Windows PC or used via the web browser. We will also demonstrate how to create solutions able to communicate with custom hardware devices (e.g. a cash register). Finally, we will discuss pricing and the licensing options.

See you there!

Warsaw IT Days 2019


We would like to invite everyone to the jubilee edition of the Warsaw IT Days. Miłosz Staszewski will have the pleasure of speaking about some of the recent changes introduced to macOS, while Jolanta Soja will be speaking about FileMaker Go and using iOS devices to work away from one’s desk.

Faktura v1.5.2


We have just released Faktura v1.5.2. This version of the app comes with the usual dose of bug fixes and small improvements.

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