Mac Automation

Learn how to automate everyday tasks and allow Mac to take care of the most tedious and error-prone activities for you. One of macOS' unique advantages over other popular desktop platforms is its built-in automation infrastructure. AppleScript, Automator, and a few other 3rd party tools can make your computer life much easier, saving you both time and money. This hands-on course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of AppleScript language and guide you through using the most popular built-in and 3rd party automation tools.

Attending this course will let you

  • Write simple AppleScript scripts
  • Use macOS' Automator
  • Find on one's own, if the given app provides AppleScript dictionary and how to use it
  • Improve day-to-day efficiency with proper macOS configuration
  • Use UI Scripting techniques
  • Understand Automation-related changes introduced in the latest macOS versions
  • Mix and match AppleScript and other scripting languages and technologies


  • macOS users who want to dramatically improve their productivity
  • macOS users who deal with repetitive, errors-prone activities


  • Introduction to Apple Events and AppleScript
  • Automator
  • Constants, variables and apps
  • Making decisions
  • Repeating things
  • Data types
  • Working with files
  • Dictionaries and more about apps
  • UI Scripting
  • 3rd party tools
  • Other scripting languages and technologies


  • 800 EUR (vrátane DPH)