HomeKit Advanced Automation

HomeKit Advanced Automation is a 1-day workshop focused on creating advanced automations with HomeKit and 3rd party apps and tools available for iOS, macOS and iPadOS. It has been designed for end users with basic HomeKit familiarity and professionals offering smart home-related services.


  • Understanding HomeKit architecture
  • Creating advanced automations
  • Exploring different possibilities offered on various Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS and macOS)


  • End users interested in making the most of HomeKit ecosystem
  • Technical consultants interested in advanced automation


  • Basic HomeKit familiarity

Course outline

HomeKit architecture

  • Accessories' logical structure (separately discussing services and characteristics)
  • Types of services and characteristics
  • Vendor-provided characteristics: when and how to use them
  • Using vendor-provided characteristics in automations
  • Controlling accessories via HomeKit
  • Essential role of notifications for automations
  • Home hubs

Controlling HomeKit Accessories

  • and 3rd party apps
  • Overcoming limitations with 3rd party apps
  • NFC and its unique capabilities in HomeKit
  • Controlling with physical accessories
  • Communication methods in HomeKit

Matter & HomeKit

  • Matter standard and Apple's role
  • Matter and HomeKit users

Practical sessions

  • Adding accessories without a separate bridge
  • Adding accessories using a separate bridge
  • Preparing automations
  • Preparing automations with Shortcuts conversion
  • Preparing automations with 3rd party apps
  • Preparing personal automations with Shortcuts
  • Preparing automations using 3rd party vendor characteristics


  • 400 EUR (vrátane DPH)